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a couple of thoughts

<<On Mon, 7 Jun 1999 16:13:07 -0400, "Fitzpatrick, Mike" <mfitzpatrick@wwlp.com> said:

> I hope IM not annoying at all, if I am let me know. I want to ask is WBRU fm
> is. I thought it was in Johnson near WPRO-WSBE's tower, but I didn't find
> it. According to the FCC they have a license, app, and CP. Which are they
> using?

WBRU transmits currently from the WHJY/WPMZ tower in East Providence.
They had a CP to move to Neutaconcanut Hill in Johnston, but I believe
they are no longer pursuing that option, because IIRC the newest
application specifies East Providence again.

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