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a couple of thoughts

I used to be a avid listener of WSRS. But lately that station has gone so
far down hill. Do they only have two or three local shifts anymore? I used
to like the late night music they played after 7pm, now this 'Delilah' junk
is awful. I am kind of surprised that a station with such a good sound and
strong signal is so weak in formatting and programming.

Also Thank you to everyone who gave me directions. Ive made it to all three
towers this weekend and got pictures of both WWKX 106.3 and WPRI-TV 12. It
was too dark for me to take any of WNEB but thanks to all of you, I finally
found it!! =)

I hope IM not annoying at all, if I am let me know. I want to ask is WBRU fm
is. I thought it was in Johnson near WPRO-WSBE's tower, but I didn't find
it. According to the FCC they have a license, app, and CP. Which are they