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Re: Alex Beam column

Joseph writes:  <snip> There's also a distinction, in at least some of
> cases, between a person who has voluntarily become a public figure
and one
> who has had that role thrust upon him by events.  One can be a
> figure for some purposes and not for others.  And the spouse of a
> figure is not necessarily a public figure.  The whole thing has to
do with
> balancing the freedom of public discourse against individual rights
> privacy

How about this (and other similar) scenerios when a public figure,
talk host, etc., incorporates (on more than one occasion) into their
stable of chatter items, viewpoints, etc., the name, knickname or
(perhaps contrived with artistic license) personality or relational
characteristics of that individual?  Does not that individual become
part of the program's landscape?  Maybe a stretch, but why not.

I, for one, find refuge when on the air and welcome the opportunity to
minimize to practically zero any referance to my family, personal
stuff, etc., not just because I love my family but because listeners
really have better things to do and so does the industry.

Bill O'Neill