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>Don't know the specific same-frequency and co-channel interference
>with the station you guys are talking about, but the FCC is allowing power
>above 5,000 watts on some regional channels...where interference isn't a

The WEZE/WTAG situation is a very old one that does not conform to current
regulations.  The two stations arrived on their current frequencies in the
late 1920s, moving there from other channels.  At the time, both were
"local" stations with transmitter sites in downtown areas.  In the '30s,
both moved to suburban transmitter sites with directional antennas and
increased power to better serve outlying areas.  The DA's were designed to
maintain the the existing overlaps from the urban, non-DA operation.

The overlaps in coverage would not be permitted under current regulations.
Any attempt to change the balance would have to be done with hearings at the
FCC.  Big bucks, and you could easily lose ground.

Also, both stations are pinned in very tightly at night.  Complex DA's would
be needed if either wanted to increase power.  WTAG's 4-tower array is
complex enough already.  I know... I "flew" it for 26 years!

John Andrews (former WSRS/WTAG CE)