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At 10:17 AM 6/5/99 -0400, you wrote:
>The overlaps in coverage would not be permitted under current regulations.
>Any attempt to change the balance would have to be done with hearings at the
>FCC.  Big bucks, and you could easily lose ground.
But the current situation is grandfathered. WEZE could move as long as the
move did not exacerbate the existing interference. Indeed, many years ago
what was then WEEI applied to diplex from the Needham site with what was
then WHDH. The Needham site is even closer to Worcester than is the WRKO
site. I don't think interference to WTAG (or WROW) was what shot down the
move. Rather, it was the fact that with 5 kW (then the limit for Class III
tations), WEEI could not deliver 25 mV/m to the main Post Office in Boston
(then--but no longer--a requirement for service to the COL). Moreover, the
required pattern would have increased the signal toward Newfoundland where
there is a very old station on 590 (VOAR?). That station would have suffered
increased nighttime interference. An increase in WEZE's nighttime power
would now be severely limited not only to protect the NF station, but more
importantly a newer station in Quebec. That station is way to the west of NF
and is pretty much in line with the maximum radiation from any station
licensed to Boston and operating from what are currently WRKO's towers.

As for the cost of the move, it might pay for itself in the long run--and
Salem very definitely looks at costs from a long-run standpoint. The WEZE
site is leased, and Salem hates leases because they involve ongoing costs.
I'm not sure who owns the WRKO site (might be Entercom but might well be
American Tower Systems--the remains of ARS, which used to owned WRKO). If
Salem could buy the site at a price management considered reasonable, I'm
quite sure they'd jump at the chance.

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