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Re: Alex Beam column

i would prefer someone try talk programming again with wkox to compete with 
wrko and try and bring some variety to the area. even if they ran other 
syndicated programs not heard in this market like jim hightower or tried to 
do a couple of local shows as well (jerry williams come back!), they might be 
able to make a go of it. plus, with all the out of work local talk show hosts 
or the few who are trying to make it i know they did it in the past and it 
didn't work out, but who knows. the market is changing and so many listeners 
are being left behind who want to hear some quality. i used to listen to wrko 
all the time and now, i barely listen at all now. i still try to tune into 
tai and sometimes catch the last hour of howie when he sometimes does local 
stuff. on raybo, he has gotten progressively better. when he first started 
out, he was pretty stiff but he is a bit more comfortable with the medium. 
and since he is virutally the only one doing very localize issues, it is nice 
to hear.