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Re: Howie

Dave writes:

> Howie has an excellent "street sense" of Boston and New England and
> cannot let that flourish. I also admired his courage to flush out
the unjust <snip>

...and reading his Herald columns about the "street" are still good
reads, esp. salary hack info., etc.  His column, however, further
evidences the demarkation line between what Howie was able to do, like
cross-pollenate his column with his radio stuff, and what he is no
longer in line with.  To do the general, national, whadaythink? stuff,
you are better to be "everyman/everywoman" on Mic 1.   I suspect that
he thinks he is and people around him gush to reinforce that.  He
isn't.  You could almost go with a "Raybo" if you wanted that, scary
to suggest.

Bill O'Neill