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In a message dated 99-06-04 16:26:09 EDT, Dib9@AOL.COM writes:

<<  I think part of Howie's ratings problems is that he gets old fast. >>

And another part is the loss of local flavor-- the Damon Runyonesque 
characters (Steve Flemmi, Whitey, Beacon Hill Hacks et al) that he paraded 
before his readers, and until recently, his listeners. 

Howie has an excellent "street sense" of Boston and New England and now 
cannot let that flourish. I also admired his courage to flush out the unjust; 
I'm sure our state senators are relieved that they won't have to listen to 
their digressions aired publicly. 

Listeners are regaled with trivial it-won't-ever-make-a-difference topics 
such as, "Who did you hate in high school?" "Worst neighbor stories.." and 
the ever thrilling "What angers you about supermarkets?"

Does anyone know how he's doing in Seattle? 

     Dave Iseman
on beautiful Cape Cod
   (978) 307-1765