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Re: Alex Beam column

Dan.Strassberg@worldnet.att.net wrote:

>  In fact, WEEI scarcely does better than
> WRKO at night in MetroWest despite the proximity of its
> Needham TX to MetroWest. Were WRKO to move to the WEEI
> site, the great coverage of New Hampshire and Cape Cod
> would be a thing of the past. The real beneficiary might
> be WEZE, however. If 680 were gone from the Burlington
> site, WEZE could probably use the site and could
> probably increase its daytime power to 50 kW and get
> some sort of increase in night power as well.

Actually, what Entercom should do is try to buy WRPT/WSRO/WJLT from Bernard Langer
or WKOX and simulcast WEEI and WRKO on some combination of those signals.  Even
during the day, EEI and RKO can be a bit noisy around the I-495 belt, and both are
gone after sunset.  The daytimers (JLT and RPT) could help in that regard days,
and WKOX and WSRO with a new antenna array could help fill the holes at night.
Since there is a dearth of quality programming on any of the Metrowest AM's,  it
may be an option.  Considering Langer's apparent money problems, he may opt to
sell out if the price is right.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7