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Re: A Few Observations

GF015@aol.com wrote:

I was up in Northern NH and North Eastern Vt on Wednesday.  I listened toWXXS
which sounded great.  It's almost like a Adult CHR.  They played some great
tunes including Hole's "Malibu" and the Cranberries "Promises" which leans them
towards CHR.

Actually, the songs you mentioned lean more Modern AC, and both flopped

They did have one slight problem with their digital jukebox, they played
back-to-back Brittany Spears songs - "Baby One More Time" then went into
"Sometimes".  All in all Barry Lunderville did a good job with this station.

Sounds like a typical small market hot AC that won't commit to full blown CHR
because ownership is afraid it will be harder to sell.  If Lunderville fixes the
jukebox, gets at least a couple of live talents, and avoids adding too many
stiff songs, he may have something there.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7