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Re: A Few Observations

In a message dated 6/4/99 6:45:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
markwats@netway.com writes:

<< I got to hear some of WXXS(102.3) in Lancaster.hot AC,almost CHR(without
 the rap!!) with plenty of spots and a decent signal.Had it on from 93 @
 Rte.3 in Twin Mountain all the way into Stark,which is about 15 mi.or so
 West of Berlin.

I was up in Northern NH and North Eastern Vt on Wednesday.  I listened to 
WXXS which sounded great.  It's almost like a Adult CHR.  They played some 
great tunes including Hole's "Malibu" and the Cranberries "Promises" which 
leans them towards CHR.  They did have one slight problem with their digital 
jukebox, they played back-to-back Brittany Spears songs - "Baby One More 
Time" then went into "Sometimes".  All in all Barry Lunderville did a good 
job with this station.

I also listened to 97.7 out of Lyndon VT.  This has flipped to CHR and it 
sounds great!  All the times I listened to them that day, they were live and 
local and sounded like a big market CHR.  Great selection of music and 
upbeat.  I'm going to check out this more when I head back to that area.  In 
fact their signal covered most of I-91 from Northwestern VT to Norwich VT.  

Gary Ford