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Re: A Few Observations

WXKS 107.9 FM  comes in poor the majority of the time  near Londonderry's
Manchester Airport. By the Mall of NH off of I-293 in the south end of
Manchester it comes in fine 90 percent of time. Across the street at Barnes and
Nobles it does not fair so well. A combination of low signal strength and
adjacent channel 107.7 WNHi/WRCi ?? causes reception problems. North of
Manchester up to Concord is a mixed bag, but usually not good enough for a non
DX'er to tolerate.  The 107.9 out of Burlington Vermont with Public Radio starts
popping in and out on ocassion in this stretch of road.


This past Monday(5/31) I took a drive through Northern N.H. Just a few of
the radio highlights from that trip:
On Rte.93 NB through Manchester,Kiss 108 was coming in extremely poor, just
about unlistinable.Usually I've picked them up much better in that area.TX
problems? Conditions?

Mark Watson