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Re: A Changing of the Guard

Chuck Igo writes:

>   I'd like to take a moment to pass on best wishes to Bob Raleigh on
>next gig, that of a guy who doesn't have to sleep when the sun is up,
>then get up and keep 38 states listening...  he's weathered many a
storm and
>change at WBZ, doing what they asked of him, and doing it well !
now he
>can relax, and take leisurely walks through the Burlington Mall, if
he so

What a "utility player" Bob proved himself to be.  And a class act at
that.  A radio inspiration.  Many an early wake-up listening to "BR on
BZ" was truly refreshing - he did NOT behave like an "ooo, all night
talk.. hey, let's just sit back and share....."  He opted to treat the
gig with the same prep, pep, and exuberance that he would do 12 hours
later on the clock.  I will also appreciate his fondness for
fundamentals, e.g., the clock, his voice, the (station) calls, the
station image (his character both on and off the air) and, above all,
his respect for the callers (nonexistent, for the most part, in Talk

As to character, I doubt you'll find a story of Raleigh "Grinching"
his wife up a chimney after a six of talls.  (Sorry, but it worked.)

It was a good run, Bob.  Enjoy the good stuff.  I'll BZing you.

Bill O'Neill