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A Few Observations

This past Monday(5/31) I took a drive through Northern N.H. Just a few of
the radio highlights from that trip:
On Rte.93 NB through Manchester,Kiss 108 was coming in extremely poor, just
about unlistinable.Usually I've picked them up much better in that area.TX
problems? Conditions? OTOH, WODS was coming in almost like a local on 93 NB
in the area of exit 20(Tilton) and exit 23(New Hampton),conditions here

I got to hear some of WXXS(102.3) in Lancaster.hot AC,almost CHR(without
the rap!!) with plenty of spots and a decent signal.Had it on from 93 @
Rte.3 in Twin Mountain all the way into Stark,which is about 15 mi.or so
West of Berlin.

Otherwise,it was IMHO a very bland scene radiowise North of Laconia.Bird
feed abound on several stations.

Mark Watson