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Re: A Few Observations

At 03:21 AM 6/5/99 -0400, Mike Thomas wrote:
>Sounds like a typical small market hot AC that won't commit to full blown CHR
>because ownership is afraid it will be harder to sell.  If Lunderville
fixes the
>jukebox, gets at least a couple of live talents, and avoids adding too many
>stiff songs, he may have something there.

On a similar note, over the weekend I got to hear the latest incarnation of
WARE. Outside of AM drive, they don't seem to even make any pretenses of
being anything but a jukebox.  Caught AM drive Monday...seems like they got
someone named Gary James to voice track a dozen or so generic breaks which
get dropped in every couple of songs.  They also run the same exact
newscast every half hour..voiced by a rather wooden-sounding announcer who
seemed like he was doing a bad John Cameron Swayze imitation (didn't catch
his name)...I heard it 3 times.  Interesting from a radio-geek standpoint,
but doesn't sound like something that will attract many listeners.  Spot
load was close to zilch.