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Stern & "Pig Vomit"

After finally seeing the Howard Stern movie on PPV for the first time...
.I wondered if anyone (or everyone) knows who the NBC PD/OD was (in real
life) that was called "pig vomit" in the movie.  

A thought occurred to me that possibly it was none other than Pat
Whitley.  Whitley was an NBC exec before he came to 1510AM in Boston.  I
don't think he was the PD....but maybe the Ops Manager(?).  On the only
occaision I ever met him (in passing) he introduced himself, and said
that he "used to be Imus' boss at NBC".  

Given that Pat has a bit of a southern twang heard in his voice
occaisionally (like the character in the movie), and that he may have
been in way over his head as PD or Ops Dir at NBC....I thought this
could possibly be him....no?

Thoughts?  Thanks!