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Re: Stern & "Pig Vomit"

- --- BUMP MARTIN <LJNF40C@prodigy.com> wrote:
> After finally seeing the Howard Stern movie on PPV for the first time...
> .I wondered if anyone (or everyone) knows who the NBC PD/OD was (in real
> life) that was called "pig vomit" in the movie.

Kevin Metheny is referred to as 'Kenny' in "Private
Parts". It is permissible to mention a real
person in the context of commentary, but when a person
is represented in a work of fiction and the depiction
is negative, that person can sue. If you follow
the movie carefully, you can't help but notice that
much-diskled Imus is not really trashed but "Kenny" is one 
of the movie's major targets. And isn't it possible
that in the movie Kenny has been exaggerated from his real-life
counterpoint, for comic purposes? You bet! In real life,
Metheny actually is a pretty talented PD with an
impressive track record at top CHR's around the
country. Currently, he's programming
Jacksonville's #1 rated station Urban CHR WJBT 92.7FM
(The Beat).


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