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Re: Losing in the translation (was:: NERW 5/28: WCAV Sold, WHQO Donated, and WMHQ Sold Again)

- --- Bill O'Neill <billo@erols.com> wrote:
> On that score, why would an Ed. FM like WMWM (91.7
> Salem, MA) at under
> 200 watts to begin with, need a translator in an
> urban setting over _30_
> miles away from their primary footprint?  

It's 130 watts, to be exact; we do OK reaching Salem,
Lynn, Beverly, Danvers, and other area cities and
towns. If you're heading toward Lawrence (say, on
Route 114), you bump into WPAA (also 91.7) from
Phillips Academy in Andover....I haven't heard
anything (up until now) about the translator for
WMWM. (I did hear something about an application for
some religious station for 91.7 in Newburyport,

Oh, by
> the way, I have _nothing_ against WMWM (I'm an old
> SSC Grad. and spun a
> couple of records at "WM", for the record.  I
> remember an in-studio
> laugh when I id'd the station, "WMWM Salem Salem.")

I came aboard in the fall of 1980, and was being
trained when we were knocked off the air in late
October, 1980. A powerful wind and rain storm knocked
over our tower on top of Meier Hall and sent a shock
wave that fried our transmitter and our board (the
latter was in our studios in the Sullivan Building;
the station relocated to the Campus Center in 1984).
We were off the air until March 11, 1981. The FCC
gave us extensions and said that we'd lose our license
if we weren't on by March 12. So we just beat the
deadline! My first show _was_ on March 12.

Bob Nelson
at WMWM continously since 1981
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