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Re: Does this bother anyone else?

In a message dated 5/18/99 8:40:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, billo@erols.com 

<<  It's better when (ack!) Hank, Jr. or
 George gets tossed in there (and it isn't even Sunday morning!)  I still
 give WOKQ a listen, (A/B in the cah.)  Remember when country was even
 more un-cool in the 70s/80s?  WOKQ deserves some "heritage bonus
 credits" for driving the format long before it made its way to the
 northeast. >>


   no argument from me on keeping the "roots" acts in the main loop.  the 
interesting thing is that a lot of "today's" artists in country are covering 
the old standards, and even including the older artists in current releases.
   WOKQ has always been true to the format, in total.  WPOR is cyclical when 
it comes to using/not using the "older" titles (Jones, Jr, et al).  Of late, 
WKLB has been working some in and out of regular programming, but not enough 
to satisfy those listeners who remember.
   An interesting point to consider now that Boston has had some consistent 
exposure to the format:  the learning curve should be adjusted to incorporate 
those titles that would have been the "core" artists in the 60's & 70's, and 
not just from the arists who managed cross-over status (Sylvia, Alabama, 
Kenny Rogers).  The thought-process from the programming side for the past 5 
years or so has been to see if an audience could be built utilizing "today's 
hot country" artists/titles, then, allow for some of the "roots" 
artists/titles to mosey on in and set a spell.  Hook 'em with a hot guitar 
lick (LeeRoy Parnell) and then see if they'll adjust to something with a bit 
more twang.