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Re: lesser known pop hits

In a message dated 5/18/99 4:11:11 AM EDT, bluesradio_99@yahoo.com writes:

<< Ah,memories.I've been at WMWM since 1981, and do  remember stuff like the 
Atlantics, Angry Young Bees,  Lou Miami, Robin Lane, the Neighborhoods, the 
Neats,  and so on.    WMWM may still have a copy of that WCOZ album, which
 had a giant bear with a guitar standing in front of  the Pru (or was it the 
It is the Hancock Tower.

  >>If you can still find it, check out Rhino's "DIY:   Mass Ave.", a 
collection of late 70s/early 80s  Boston rockers.
Ok, I'm getting so nostalgic reading all these posts about local bands I can 
hardly stand it.  I don't have the Mass Ave album, (darn, now I want it), but 
I have one called Boston Incest Album, which includes the Sidewinders, (with 
Billy Squire), Willie Alexander, and the Marshalls.  Also Live at the Rat, 
some Throbbing Lobster compilations, and a couple other compilations.  Alas, 
these all sustained minor water damage in a flood in my apt. so they aren't 
in pristine condition anymore, but I'd never sell them anyway.  I feel like 
playing them right now.  And on the few occassions when I hear Prettiest 
Girl, I crank it waaay up.  I have no clue who the local band favorites are 
right now -- I haven't heard any of them.  I know some of the women but 
that's all.  I dont' even know which stations have local music shows anymore. 
I used to listen to all of them. 

Also, I don't remember Tycoon or Oak, but I remember that New England song 
Donna mentioned.  Someone mentioned Farrenheit - I knew Rick Farren's sister 
in HS and I remember she told me his first band was called Live Lobster. I 
saw that as a trivia question once.  And was Tavares from Boston?  I didn't 
know that. 
Well, i think I'll go play my Real Kids album now...  : )