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Re: lesser known pop hits

Hey, was J. Geils' Give it to Me more of a Boston regional hit? I played it on
my 70s show here in FL, and now I'm wondering well after the fact if it was a
nationwide hit or not. I grew up listening to WRKO and WLLH in the 60s and 70s
and I know it was all over WRKO...as far as ' LLH, I'm not sure if it was. Duke
and the Drivers were mentioned... I have an aircheck of WRKO day at Canobie
Lake Park, giving you the chance to hear and meet Duke and the Drivers. I think
they made several appearances at the famed Commodore Club in Lowell, my
hometown. (Remember that joint, Bill O.? Thorndike - between The Lord Overpass
& The B&M Station)

Sign Me Scratching my head -

Ron Gitschier
Jax, FL (But Lowell, MA in heart)