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Re: lesser known pop hits

Ashinella@aol.com writes:
>the neigborhood's biggest hit was "prettiest girl". i hear the 7" for
>single is going for hundreds of dollars since it was a limited press

Great song.  The original cut was immensely better than the later
re-make that ended up a lot edgier and less appealing, IMO.

We had a WJUL (91.5 Lowell) music director, Jim McKay (no relat. to the
sports guy!) who walked into the air studio in the wee early 80s and
handed me a single from the record co. called, "We Got the Beat" by the
Go-Gos.  One of the original (if not the original) "girl groups of the
80s."  I played it.  Didn't get it.  Everyone else did, as did I, later
on.  That explains why, as PD, I left the MD duties to the MD!  <I know
they weren't local, but I had a memory hiccup.>

Bill O'Neill