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Re: lesser known pop hits

Our I-Man quips:

  to paraphrase
>mickey rooney &
>judy garland:  "Hey, gang!  Let's buy a radio station!"  (i've got
about 48
>bucks available on
>a Visa.  anyone else?)

How to bust up a bunch of old friendships (stop me if you've heard this
in some incarnation):

1- Pool your, er.. money (moths in 'me wallet, too)
2- Buy a radio station with a few friends
3- Lose the Harpoon and go with the Red Stripe
4- Make new friends
5- Retain 'A. Joseph Ross, Esq.' to represent you with the Ch. 11
proceedings (before someone else does)
6- Buy some Harpoon.

<g>  Bill O'Neill