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RE: lesser known pop hits

The three you listed as played on WBZ-FM are all reissued by a quirky record
company called Renaissance.  The label was started by a former aerospace
engineer who was also an amateur musician.
I think if he had lived in Boston in 1979, he would have loved BZ-FM.
Check out the website!!!  http://skymarshall.com/renaissance/
There are a couple of great sampler/compilations there too.  Replace your
scratchy vinyl.
- -Dave

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> And speaking of lesser known hits, whatever happened to Oak?
> I always sort
> of liked "King of the Hill".  But speaking of songs nobody
> plays anymore,
> do you folks remember a song by New England called "Don't
> Ever Wanna Lose
> Ya"?  The late lamented WBZ-FM used to play it, along with other
> semi-obscure but good tunes like "Such a Woman" by Tycoon and
> Flash 'n the
> Pan "Walking in the Rain."  1979 or so, as I recall...