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Re: Does this bother anyone else?

In a message dated 5/17/99 2:27:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
><< WKLB could give away George Jones tix >>
>   tsk tsk.   George does get regular WKLB airplay, and his tix are
>away, via the Sunday Morning Country Oldies Show with Michael B...
>(although, with mike on magic at night, does this make the conundrum
>as far as WROR giving away Huey tix... the promotional agreements and
>arrangements were done before the dreaded decade drop.
>chuck igo

I'll take that "tsk tsk" Chuck!  I should have known better, being a
SMCO regular listener (really).  And me knows it ain't cool to admit
this here in NE, but I probably listen to WKLB (country) more/TSLs than
any other station.  With what seems to be some good summer-ready country
releases, the sound is good.  It's better when (ack!) Hank, Jr. or
George gets tossed in there (and it isn't even Sunday morning!)  I still
give WOKQ a listen, (A/B in the cah.)  Remember when country was even
more un-cool in the 70s/80s?  WOKQ deserves some "heritage bonus
credits" for driving the format long before it made its way to the

Bill O'Neill