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Re: Does this bother anyone else?

>   An interesting point to consider now that Boston has had some
>exposure to the format:  the learning curve should be adjusted to
>those titles that would have been the "core" artists in the 60's &
70's, and
>not just from the arists who managed cross-over status
Hook 'em with a hot guitar
>lick (LeeRoy Parnell) and then see if they'll adjust to something
with a bit
>more twang.

Great point.  The "learning curve" is very much alive and well in
station/listener relationships, IMHO.  Just as local artists (Tavares
was mentioned in a different genre/context) may play well here in an
otherwise "national" product, so, too can songs that push the envelope
a bit (twang, etc.) after that "new car smell" begins to fade.

There are a lot of hatless personalities that would play well to the
TV spot audience.  Remember when the former 105.7 WKLB TV spots pushed
the morning team of L&W? Perhaps the 99.5 incarnation could buy some
MediaOne time (fairly solid penetration in the Metro ADI) and feature
artist endorsements to the TVLand Nation, etc.  Just a thought.  (And,
no, not just TNN!  They already bought the product!)

Bill O'Neill