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lesser known pop hits

PWerlin wrote:
>I have no clue who the local band favorites are right now
>-- I haven't heard any of them.  
Check out "The Dark"  (if your favorite record store doesn't
stock their EP, let me know.  I can probably get you one)
Also, give Bishop Strike a listen.  They're on their way up.
The now defunct "Mr. Flood's Party"  Early stuff had more guts.
And of course, Godsmack is the latest to "go national"

>I don't even know which stations have local 
>music shows anymore. I used to listen to all of them. 
WAAF "claims" to play local music, but some bands 
dispute that.  Godsmack is one of their favorites.

>and was Tavares from Boston?  I didn't know that. 
>From New Bedford, actually - I believe.  Rumour
has it they were originally known as "Chubby & The
Turnpikes?"  (Confirm/Deny anybody?)

Roger Kirk