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Re: The Future of WBCN-- Talk????

>>Are any of the other CBS/Infinity FM signals in town considered to be
>>underperformers?  If so, Extreme Radio could go to one of those.  The
>>question then will be, would they move Stern there too, or keep him

>I don't think Infinity is looking to plug in hot talk to "fix" hurting
>stations.  They actually believe that the format can keep rolling with
>the best of them.

Keep in mind that the #1 mission of the Network O&O station is to clear the
network offerrings.  The O&O's exist to support the national efforts.

If they could run extreme radio on WBCN...with very little operational cost
at the local level....they could concievably make more money for than with
local offerings.  (By simply wiping out the local budgets.....programming
department, research, etc. might just be enough to post some decent profits.

Who knows what story the numbers actually tell.....