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Re: Older vs. Younger Demos: HUH???????

Tim Davisson wrote:
> ----------
> > From: ASchinella@aol.com
>  young people tend to have more
> > disposable income, hence, they are the ones advertisers like to go after.
> HUH????  Unless the world turned upside down overnight, the facts are
> adults age 45-54, 55-64 have the highest average family income of any
> demo

The older demos may have more money but TV is driven by a desire to 
reach 18-49 year olds.   Indeed, folks age 45-54 tend to have higher 
incomes.  However by the time consumers get into their 50's and 60s their 
buying habits are perceived to be shaped for life.   (dad buying a buick 
every two years!)  

Younger consumers are thought to less brand loyal and advertisesrs have 
more of a chance to get them to try their product or service.

Before Jordan's Furniture came along a  furniture store wouldn't be caught 
dead on an AOR.   Barry and Elliott changed the whole ball game.  Who needs 
furniture?  Geezers listening to beautiful music with a house full of 
furniture  or young people sitting on stereo speakers?  

> and that adults 65+ have more than 50% of financial assets in
> the US.

and its likely that 80% of that 50% is held by 20%.  and that 20% is held 
by 80%.  and...did anyone get a look at the driver?

::naked gun mode off::