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Re: Demographics Rules? [wasRe: WLLH Now In Spanish]

At 07:18 AM 5/4/99 -0400, Bill Piacentini wrote:
>WPLM-FM is breaking the demographic "mold" and also taking listeners away
>from WBZ. The demos Mark L. disclosed [in a separate email] are not
>necessarily the current May '99 truth about WPLM-FM's audience.
>For example, my wife, whose under 55 and pretty intelligent, listens to
>Easy 99.1 constantly (as I do). If somebody called to ask what station(s)
>does she listen to, she would still have difficulty remembering call
>letters, frequencies, etc. and probably mention WBZ before she would
>remember WPLM-FM! 

I find it hard to believe that WPLM is taking significant listeners away
from WBZ, no more than WMJX is taking listeners away from WZLX.  WBZ is
news/talk, WPLM is MOR.  While they may be seeking the same demo, it's a
bit of a stretch to believe that someone is tuning to an automated MOR
station for late-breaking news/weather/sports/traffic.  If WPLM's recall
rate is so bad that their listeners think they're listening to a talk
station on a different band, they have a severe marketing problem!