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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 4/23: WABY Goes All-News

Steve writes:
>As far as WXRV goes, they never got any numbers as WLYT either.  AAA
has a
>certain amount of snob appeal attached to it...I'm sure that's got a
lot to
>do with why most stations with that format keep it, it's sure not a
>ratings-getter much of anywhere.

Being painted the same color as your next door neighbor's can't help,
with such a similar sound coming out of 92.9 (WBOS Brookline).  I have
to wonder about the impact of that.

As for WXLO breaking a one in "Boston" ADI, I was sort of thinking, once
the market was reconfigured to enlarge the market, that Worcester
signals would have something to worry about, not cheer.  Go figure.
OTOH, how has the change effected Worcester area stations vis-a-vis
Worcester numbers?  (Any zip code break outs?)

Bill O'Neill