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Re: Howard Stern In Denver

From: C. Jenest

>Does laughter have any redeeming value?

It depends, my friend.  I hear the shooters laughed.

>I certainly do not agree with every remark or "bit" that
>Stern does, and have turned the dial when I'm offended,
>but I do enjoy his honesty (or his "act", as some people
>call it).

He certainly does say what many "think" perhaps deep within themselves.
But, you, I, and most others are graced with impulse control, and opt
not to express it or act upon it.  His need to blurt is coupled with a
very powerful medium.

>I'm curious if anyone else on the list actually listens to
>his show, or if the opinions are based on what they've
>heard elsewhere.

I'd have to think that most of the anti-Stern sentiment or "plot" is
second-hand.  (What would Stern do with a line like that?)

Bill O'Neill