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Dale Dorman and the Jammin' Oldies Craze

     On my drive down towards Florida, I listened to Dale Dorman on 
     Saturday Morning on Chancellor's "Jammin' Oldies" in New York City!
     I thought that was something, here's more:
     Dale is the morning man on Chancellor's 105.9, here in Orlando.  They 
     too have recently switched to "Jammin' Oldies".  I can tell you that 
     Dorman has NOT lost that talent or voice that we remember so fondly 
     from his RKO days!  I realize that he is not really here in Orlando, 
     but they do a great job in hiding that fact.  Dorman is very witty, 
     although he does have to talk up to (or should I say fake) that he is 
     here and bringing on the local traffic lady.  I'm wondering if Dorman 
     is live from Boston, or is he computerized, voice-tracked or 
     To the ordinary listener, Dale sounds quite local.  I have been taping 
     many hours of his shows, which run here from 6 am to 10 am.  I am very 
     happy to hear Dale doing mornings again.  Furthermore, he has more of 
     that wittiness/personality here than he does ironically live and 
     locally at Kiss-108!  He even takes requests, and throws an occasional 
     caller on the air.  If only Dale would do morning again at a local 
     Boston station!  
     Oh yea, the "Jammin Oldies" flurry of stations that I've caught on my 
     drive down to Florida make the "Rhythm of Boston-STAR 93_7 sound even 
     worse than they really are.  Of all the "Jammin;s", I thought the one 
     out of Tampa/Clearwater had the widest music range and the most 
     personality.  They are WJFO, a.k.a. Joe 101.5.  Clearwater still has a 
     great 70's (and more) station at 107.1, Coast 107, they are what the 
     Eagle should have been.  You can catch both "The Coast" and "Jammin' 
     Joe 101.5" on the Internet live using Real Audio.  Does the STAR still 
     sound tired, playing the same tunes over and over and jockless?
     Also, Orlando's/Kissimmee Old Town's AM 1220/WOTS is now live and 
     local, but they are Spanish.  The studio is still in Old Town, with 
     the jocks visible and actually very friendly with tourists.
     Too bad, it was only a few years ago that they were a great little 
     Oldies station and fit in quite nice with the Old Town environment.  
     I'm assuming this is another demise due to FM perhaps?
     Let me know if you need anything else taped Boston while I'm here in 
     Florida.  This goes for you too Scott.
     Live from Mickey Mouse Land,