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Re: Howard Stern In Denver

Eric wrote--
>For a group called Fairness and Accuracy, they have precious little. As
>Mr. Broda pointed out one hole in their release, on the coverage of
>Sterns comments, allow me to point out that IIRC, the Greaseman was
>terminated for his comments, therefore CBS/Infinity no longer syndicates
>him. Just another First-Amendment hating bunch of liberal do-gooders who
>think we should all live the way -they- wish us to. 

Umm, couldn't we all just get along?  FAIR puts out one of the best media
magazines (imho), a magazine called Extra, which tends to do some excellent
investigative pieces, is normally very moderate, but specialises in stories
the mainstream media missed.  Last time I checked, there was a lot of
huffing and puffing on radio and on TV about who was to blame for the
tragedy in Colorado-- Brudnoy had a pundit on the air who blamed daycare.
TV blamed video games.  FAIR now says let's blame Howard Stern-- but hey,
as the list's official feminist, I do find Howard's comments to be beyond
bad taste-- rape is not something to joke about.  Trust me on this.