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Re: Howard Stern In Denver

>Eric Jacobs wrote:
>For a group called Fairness and Accuracy, they have precious little.
> Just another First-Amendment hating bunch of liberal do-gooders who
>think we should all live the way -they- wish us to.

       The fact that a media monitoring organization found Stern's
disgusting garbage to be disgusting garbage and set out to make sure as
many people as possible know about it does not mean the group hates the
First Amendment. In fact, the First Amendment is not the issue. There are
four or five billion people on earth, and only a few get to be on the
radio. Some people think that Infinity ought to pick someone else to be on
the radio instead of Stern. And, speaking of the First Amendment, they're
entitled to express that opinion and to put pressure on Infinity to
respond. But, as usual, the real question is not about the racist and
misogynist garbage that Stern puts on the air, it's about what's wrong with
our society that millions of people listen to that moron. That question is
actually quite closely related to the question of what's wrong with a
society that could produce the two pathetic teenagers in Colorado. I wonder
if they were big Stern fans.