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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 4/23: WABY Goes All-News

On 4/30/99 10:32 AM, SteveOrdinetz (steveord@xtdl.com) wrote:

> Now that Worcester is considered part of the Boston metro, I wonder how
> long WXLO will resist the temptation to portray themselves as a "Boston"
> station, much as WAAF has been doing for several years.

The front page headline in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette Saturday was 
"WAAF-FM Bails Out for Boston."  It was an article about how their 
studios are moving from Westborough to Boston.

Now that I live in Worcester Country, I find it disguisting how everyone 
panders to Boston.  Other than WTAG's morning drive news, there's no 
other indication that there are any radio stations west of I-95.  Forget 
about getting news or a local weather forecast after 6 PM.