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Re: BOS,XRV,etc.

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Hi Roy:

Agree with you there... the tower is plainly visible from Plastow (NH)! Can't
argue with the book, either.... we've managed to rack up a 12 plus high of
only 1.1, and currenty only a .7! But, that being said, remember 'AAF took
YEARS to reach their current status. Truth is, NO ONE at XRV really expects to
knock anyone in town off their perch; we don't have the promotional budget,
the talents, and yes, the signal. But by simply targeting the metro (id's that
say Haverhill-Boston, in-town shows, etc.) we've more than quadropled billing;
much of that from agency and concert/ record buisness that NEVER would have
touched 'LYT. Of course, improving on LYT's billing and audience shares, from
what I'm told, wasn't very hard! BTW, I simply posted my original message for
a good laugh, that's all. I'm actually very glad Mr. Morris is at 'BOS.... now
maybe the jocks will stop reading liner cards, and be able to show some

Thanx for listening,
- -Rick