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Re: WXRV...and Haverill Radio.......

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times@massachusetts.com writes:

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You're right, of course. Could change hands/ formats tommorow. But Steven
Silberberg has been offered good money for the stick before, and refuses to
sell for some reason; I think he believes it's worth much more then it really
is. Besides, it's really his favorite toy. Well it makes decent (not
incredible) money, he'll probably hold on to it, unless someone offers him
insane money; and let's face it: it WON'T be CBS! I personally believe it may
be Capstar some day. Then I will run far, far away very fast! 
As for HAV, remember it was losing money at the end of it's life (like many
local AM's). It made sense to sell.

Hey, BTW, why does everyone HAVE to be a major player in Boston to enjoy their
job, anyway?!

My $.02

- -Rick