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Re: WXRV...and Haverill Radio.......

>Hey, BTW, why does everyone HAVE to be a major player in Boston to enjoy
>job, anyway?!
>My $.02

Finally, the question I was waiting for.  And NO!  More importantly, a
station need not be a 'Boston player' to be listenable.  I find The River to
be a good listen and occupies button number 2 on both the car and van as
well as one of the clockradio presets (running the risk of putting me to
sleep, but the nature of the beast...)  Another non-Boston station worth a
listen is WXLO Fitch/Worc.  Not so much a listen for me but appreciation
from the biz side, if that makes sense.  I guess you could say if there is
an underdog out there trying, I will go out of my way to listen.

Bill O'Neill
.04 adj. for inflation