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Re: oops

>According to the story on the NBC Nightly News, the story was a mistake on
>AP website.  A pre-written Bob Hope obituary ended up on the site by
>The story spread when a member of Congress, quite reasonably, read the
>on the floor of Congress.  It is not clear to me if the story was on the AP
>wire, but I don't think so.
>The NBC story was introduced by Brokaw saying something to the effect "this
>inaccurate story spread because of people who like to bash the media:
>of Congress."  The taped story put the blame for the story squarely in
>Congress, almost ignoring that they got it from an AP site, not some
>I would certainly think it would be safe to believe an AP story.  I could
>believe that NBC would so twist the story to slam Congress and try to
>the media.  Totally disceptive and biased.  Mistakes are made and AP should
>review their procedures.  Blaming a member of Congress that read an AP
>is bizarre.

Hey, but maybe the NBC affiliates didn't mind the extra ratings that kind of
hype usually generates!