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Re: BOS,XRV,etc.

On  5 Jun 98 at 18:03, Radioboyrg@aol.com wrote:

    But by simply targeting the metro
> (id's that say Haverhill-Boston, in-town shows, etc.) we've more
> than quadropled billing; much of that from agency and concert/
> record buisness that NEVER would have touched 'LYT. Of course,
> improving on LYT's billing and audience shares, from what I'm told,
> wasn't very hard!

     Hi Rick,
     I agree. The history of 92.5 has indeed been a rocky one. But 
the fact WXRV has had better agency more resently has been duly
noted. But what has been the most impressive are the in house 
mini-concerts with decent artist!    
    Just putting credit were credit is due!

                            Take Care,