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WXRV...and Haverill Radio.......

Roy said....

>         Considering "The River" WXRV FM is in the Merrimack Valley.
> How about them going to a spanish language format? Their in a
> prime location. They wouldn't have to worry about a signal problem 
> reaching their audiance. Especially since their are licensed to the 
> city of "HAVERHILL" not Boston as they pretend they are. 

You know THIS scenario seems to make sense!  

First  of all WXRV/ aka WHAV  DOESN'T have a huge mortgage on it like
WEGQ, etc.  (i.e.17-20 million $$$'s).  

Secondly, the area/locale, as was mentioned. 

Third, it would put Pat Costa's fledling little AM network outa business
, having a superior BIG signal FM (and Stereo, mind you!).  

> WXRV hardly 
> has a rimshot of Boston! And besides if they did go with this format, 
> it would be the first time they actually weren't copying WBOS. 


>         While we're on the subject, Why did WXRV put their only 
> good jock "Gerry Wood" on overnights? It dosen't say alot about
> the program management of WXRV!

Cuz WXRV's management isn't accountable to ratings, agencies, research
or anything besides the PD, GM and the sales manager's opinion.  

>         I look forward to many years of great programming from a real
> Boston radio station MR. Morris. 

....Real?  OUCH!

Then Radioboyrg@aol.com said  

> Roy: Did I offend you in some way? I was simply making a joke; This is
> Not international politics, rocket science, or brain surgery. Like
> WEGQ, and yes WBOS (licensed to Brookline) we (WXRV) target the
largest metro
> in our coverage area... 

At least WAAF, WVBF (now WROR), WEGQ and WBOS have a chance of being
heard in that metro!

> I assure you, we're making very good money; 

Oh?  What are you billing?  Considering that there is virtually no
expense in running a station in Haverill.  (Besides buying CD's at
Strawberrys, Sam Goody's or Tower...)

> and no, I don't believe we'll be
> broadcasting in spanish this year. 

And the Methuen Mall will live forever.....Just goes to show...You NEVER

:-)  <G!>