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(no subject)

> Mr. Morris: There is now much speculation as to the direction of the
> good ship WBOS; may I suggest, sir, a switch; anything is fine,
> really. You know, Polka music has it's audience. Just a switch from
> AAA.
> Good Luck.
> Respectfully, 
> Rick Ganley
> Production Director, 
> 92.5 "The River"

        Considering "The River" WXRV FM is in the Merrimack Valley.
How about them going to a spanish language format? Their in a
prime location. They wouldn't have to worry about a signal problem 
reaching their audiance. Especially since their are licensed to the 
city of "HAVERHILL" not Boston as they pretend they are. WXRV hardly 
has a rimshot of Boston! And besides if they did go with this format, 
it would be the first time they actually weren't copying WBOS. 
        While we're on the subject, Why did WXRV put their only 
good jock "Gerry Wood" on overnights? It dosen't say alot about
the program management of WXRV!
        I look forward to many years of great programming from a real
Boston radio station MR. Morris. Good Luck! WBOS deserves many
good years worth of expierence such as yours.

                          Take Care,

                        Roy Lawrence

Roy: Did I offend you in some way? I was simply making a joke; This is RADIO;
Not international politics, rocket science, or brain surgery. Like WAAF, WVBF,
WEGQ, and yes WBOS (licensed to Brookline) we (WXRV) target the largest metro
in our coverage area... will we ever be top ten? Of course not. But our cume
hovers around 150,000 between the Boston, Portsmouth, and Manchester markets;
I assure you, we're making very good money; and no, I don't believe we'll be
broadcasting in spanish this year. 
BTW, Gerry is a friend; and yes, he is good; and people get moved; that is
radio. You may not agree with it; then don't listen, sir. Believe it or not,
there are plenty of others who really do. Some are in Dover, NH, some are in
Cambrige, MA. 

whopps...just fell off the (soap) box...

Take care,
- -Rick