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Re: (no subject)

Maybe WBOS could become a talk station?  Methinks that FM is not only for
music, despitethe (excue me) stereotypical application of same.

:) shel
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Date: Friday, June 05, 1998 9:31 AM
Subject: (no subject)

>> Mr. Morris: There is now much speculation as to the direction of the
>> good ship WBOS; may I suggest, sir, a switch; anything is fine,
>> really. You know, Polka music has it's audience. Just a switch from
>> AAA.
>> Good Luck.
>> Respectfully,
>> Rick Ganley
>> Production Director,
>> 92.5 "The River"
>        Considering "The River" WXRV FM is in the Merrimack Valley.
>How about them going to a spanish language format? Their in a
>prime location. They wouldn't have to worry about a signal problem
>reaching their audiance. Especially since their are licensed to the
>city of "HAVERHILL" not Boston as they pretend they are. WXRV hardly
>has a rimshot of Boston! And besides if they did go with this format,
>it would be the first time they actually weren't copying WBOS.
>        While we're on the subject, Why did WXRV put their only
>good jock "Gerry Wood" on overnights? It dosen't say alot about
>the program management of WXRV!
>        I look forward to many years of great programming from a real
>Boston radio station MR. Morris. Good Luck! WBOS deserves many
>good years worth of expierence such as yours.
>                          Take Care,
>                        Roy Lawrence
>Roy: Did I offend you in some way? I was simply making a joke; This is
>Not international politics, rocket science, or brain surgery. Like WAAF,
>WEGQ, and yes WBOS (licensed to Brookline) we (WXRV) target the largest
>in our coverage area... will we ever be top ten? Of course not. But our
>hovers around 150,000 between the Boston, Portsmouth, and Manchester
>I assure you, we're making very good money; and no, I don't believe we'll
>broadcasting in spanish this year.
>BTW, Gerry is a friend; and yes, he is good; and people get moved; that is
>radio. You may not agree with it; then don't listen, sir. Believe it or
>there are plenty of others who really do. Some are in Dover, NH, some are
>Cambrige, MA.
>whopps...just fell off the (soap) box...
>Take care,