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Re: Gripes about Howie Carr/WRKO

and he hinted that it would say
>something else "in six or nine months" (i.e., when
>CBS unloads 'RKO to somebody else). Yeah, will
>CBS keep him or not?

Regardless of CBS's decision (and it seems 'in the can' that WRKO goes) it
can't bode well for the NOW at WRKO (pun intended).  Think of it - why
should CBS Radio venture out there with the signal and do anything
monetarily funky or ADventuresome when the gains of the signal could: a)
raise its resale value only minimally as the rate card will be slow to
change with audience gains and b) the station would become a CBS competitor
to contend with down the road.  It may actually make (unfortunate) sense for
CBS to let WRKO remain at status quo.  Sad to see a heritage station go out
that way.  And the meat....etc.

Bill O'Neill