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Re: Urban Radio in Boston

> << And while we're at it, when will we finally see a true urban
>  > in Boston?
>  > 
>  >Chris 
>  > 
>  Chris, try WILD-1090 AM :) >>

And don't forget WNFT 1150AM "The Touch".    Not a bad little format!

And some might consider WJMN Urban...albeit Rythmic Urban...and a 12-24

>  Jammin' is instead a Rhythmic CHR station targeted to a mostly
>  white audience...

Since the area is 90% white wouldn't this make sense?  Also, it gets
around the agency bias....

>  but since they play a lot of "black" artists, they are the de-
> facto "urban" station in town.  Boston is the only city in the Top 20
> without a full signal music intensive Urban FM.  I think it's just a
matter of
> time before someone tries it.

Not when someone pays $50 million for a signal, they won't take a chance
at aiming at the 10% black audience.  (With varying demo's among the
black population mind you, it's hard to think they could capture all 10%

And again, the agency bias is out there.  


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