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WBKA-AM and FM, Brockton, MA

You heard it right, WBKA operated on 1450 kC/s with a power of 250
watts, day and night.  WBKA-FM operated on 107.1 MC/s with an
effective radiated power of 800 watts, horizontal only.  WBET modified
the WBKA permit in 1952, to go to 1460 kC/s with 1000 watts
non-directional day and 1000 watts directional at night, to protect
co-channel WOKO/Albany, NY. The 990 permit was turned-in to the
Commission on the day the 1460 facility was fired up. 
     You have been doing your homework, Joe !  YES, the first program
broadcast on WBET/990 was the Brockton High School Thankgiving Day
Football game, a WBET tradition that continues to this very day.   

> Subject: Re: WBKA
> Was Peter correct in stating that the old WBKA-AM in Brockton was at
>  Or was it a typo and he meant 1460? 
> I always thought 1450 was a "graveyard" frequency, meaning that (in
>  days), stations were confined to 250 watts night (and 250 day, or
was it
>  1000 watts day by then?).
> I hope Peter can tell us what kind of power WBKA-AM had and the
>  frequency if not 1450.
> Curiosity: If WBET-AM began broadcasting on Thanksgiving Day, 1946,
>  their first broadcast have been Brockton High School's
>  football game? I know that for many years (perhaps all the way back
>  the begining?), WBET has broadcast Brockton football, and in recent
>  has done some other Brockton, Cardinal Spellman, and other area high-
>  school sports.
> Joseph Gallant
> <notquite@hotmail.com>

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