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Re: Re: WNHQ dead carrier

At 11:07 PM 6/3/98 -0400, Garrett Wollman wrote:

>Well, since 'JYY can't possibly city-grade Peterborough (and if it did
>the simulcast would be prohibited), they need to have a location to be
>the nominal ``Main Studio''.  Going back to the hoary days of 1991(*)
>(!), the FCC has defined a ``main studio'' as a studio location
>capable of originating programming for the station in question, with
>at least two FTE (including one with ``management responsibility'').
>I wouldn't be surprised if they used it as a sales office -- the Sales
>Manager and a receptionist would be sufficient to meet the

Actually, the sales office in Milford is separately located.  The office
site is just outside the city grade signal contour, so unless the rules are
changed the studio has to be elsewhere.

The Milford studio can, and has originated programming since RadioWorks
took over.  Mostly it's just used as a production studio.