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Re: CBS Radio Mystery Theatre.....?

I fondly remember the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre,
which WEEI-590 (in its news radio days) ran nightly
at 10 pm. E.G. Marshall was the host, and print ads
for it featured a black cat in the logo (with its long
tail forming the "S" of "MyStery"). Have tried poking
around some old time radio traders and companies
but have had little luck turning it up, so I hope it
winds up somewhere around here. And on the
subject of old time radio,  I believe WDIS-1170 in
Norfolk runs the syndicated "When Radio Was"
with Stan Freberg daily at 11 am...a good source
of radio drama, comedy, sci fi, and so on.

- ---D   BOUCHER  wrote:
> I have heard that WW1 has purchased the rights to The CBS Radio
> Theatre....and I hear reports of it's airing again on many stations
> San Diego to Chicago.
> Since CBS is now one of the players in Boston....does anyone have any
> insight on when/if this will begin airing again in Boston?
> Thanks!
> Dave (night -guy and OTR buff...!)
> --
>  Dave in Boston  
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