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Re: Re: WNHQ dead carrier

<<On Wed, 3 Jun 1998 22:42:18 EDT, Bossmsx@aol.com said:

> Just curious...What exactly goes on at the Milford studio?? What is _that_
> like over there, with nothing at all originating from it??

Well, since 'JYY can't possibly city-grade Peterborough (and if it did
the simulcast would be prohibited), they need to have a location to be
the nominal ``Main Studio''.  Going back to the hoary days of 1991(*)
(!), the FCC has defined a ``main studio'' as a studio location
capable of originating programming for the station in question, with
at least two FTE (including one with ``management responsibility'').
I wouldn't be surprised if they used it as a sales office -- the Sales
Manager and a receptionist would be sufficient to meet the

- -GAWollman

(*)Jones-Eastern of the Outer Banks, Inc., decided 1991.